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Summer 1954, better than winter, installation of the cradle and summer synthesis of Saint-Petersburg elegance and Western pragmatism: the birth of Yves Vincent.

Introduced to the arts from its earliest age, the immateriality of music seduced him and became an overwhelming passion.

For several years, he is 
developing himself and discovering, posing, composing, decomposing and recomposing, playing, inventing, mixing, writing, searching and finally finding a personal melodic lyricism.

As an adult and with these compositions, he decided to settle in Paris and join his foster brother, Frédéric Bodson.
Together they will work on many French productions.

From 85 to 93, Yves multiplied experiences in the world of cinema, television and performing arts: Gérard Cuvier entrusted him with the music of his show "Everything I love"; the Baccara-Beker is awarded to him; he works for Stéphane Collaro and Jean-Claude Corbineau; he composes the music of the musical "N.U.T.S", led by Nadine Hendricks; Muriel Dacq and Alec Mansion choose several of its titles; he signs the BO of the film "Saharaoui" of director Jean-Marie Gresse.

In the mid -1990 s, he had to succeed his father by taking over the family society. He therefore, 
regrettably,  put his artistic career aside. Alongside his professional activity, Yves Vincent, an insatiable creator, continues to set his ideas on paper. The Renault constructor ordered him the music of the event in Versailles exhibition center in 1996. Cédric Jacmart, for his part, chooses him to set to music the film "Gyro Club". Yves is inspired by the calligrams of Apollinaire, in the deaf noise of thunder, in the literature of Norman Mailer, in the painting of Aline Gagnaire, in the memory of his grandmother's smile, in the end of a story which is not ready to silence.                    

                                                                           by Grégory SEVRIN

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